Brain Fog

Hi! Today We’re Talking About…What are we talking about?

Oh yeah. Brain fog!

Brain fog can be characterized by:

  • Essentially feeling like you’re in a fog
  • Inability to make decisions
  • Not being able remember anything
  • Hard to focus
  • Perhaps occasional headaches
  • Can’t concentrate.

Let’s keep it simple. We want to get out of that fog and into clarity and focus.

So one of the keys we’ve been talking about is our gut brain communication. And while there are some amazing probiotics out there, and we all want to be taking one, because of course, that’s 80% of your immune function. This is a new product that we are loving. Target GBX. That stands for Gut/Brain Connection because so many of the happy hormones are started and created in the gut. So this is key. If our gut isn’t happy, our brain isn’t happy.

The essential oils to really bust through that brain fog:

Number one, peppermint. All you have to do is have a bottle nearby or a roll on. Take a good whiff. It is amazing. Even more effective, put a drop at the back of your neck. Really good for pain in the head  also!

One that’s nice to blend with that or even on its own is lemon. Its’ fresh scent helps with focus and of course, all citrus oils can be uplifting. So we’re keeping it simple on how to reduce your brain fog and move into clarity and happiness with Target GBX, peppermint, and lemon.