Today, we’re talking about constipation.

Did you know that over 40 million Americans suffer with constipation? Primarily because:

  1.  We don’t drink enough water with our active lifestyles.
  2. We sit too much so we don’t get enough exercise.
  3. We don’t eat enough fiber, because we have the standard American diet, which is very SAD, indeed.

So let’s talk about some remedies for constipation. We’ve got the main nutrient: Magnesium. Magnesium relaxes all of our muscles, including the colon which is essentially a muscle. So it’s going to help reduce that constipation as well as help you sleep better and be less anxious and more relaxed.

So we have a couple of forms of magnesium capsules that you can take. You can also get it in a liquid. So many people love this number one magnesium supplement called Calm, because it’s a powder and you just add it to water. My favorite is raspberry lemon. Of course, a probiotic to keep everything moving and happy and you absorb your nutrients. I love this probiotic for two reasons. One: I studied with Dr. Perlmutter who designed this. He’s a neurologist. And two: because it is shelf stable, which means I don’t have to remember to go to the refrigerator to get it.

Let’s talk essential oils. Essential oils are so effective for the gut and for soothing the gut and helping reduce any kind of gut issues. DigestZen, it says it right there. Digest to help with the entire part of digestion, including moving the bowels. And the Zen part so we’re going to be happier and not all grumpy because we’re constipated. So DigestZen has some really wonderful essential oils in it. Peppermint, which is very soothing. We all know about peppermint tea. Ginger increasing the circulation also can reduce nausea. And of course the Fennel, along with caraway and tarragon, this is wonderful combination. You can just breathe it in. It’s going to help your emotions too!

DigestZen can be added as a drop in water or the roll on, put it on your thumb on the roof of the mouth, put it in lotion, massage it clockwise on the belly. Combining Essential Oils with your magnesium and probiotics, you are good to go. And I mean that!