Stress & Anxiety

Stress & Anxiety Taking Over?

Let’s talk about stress today and how it can really take over your system, having your heart racing, giving you tension headaches. Let’s deal with two safe, easy, effective ways to manage stress, I love pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, it’s nature’s gift.

Adaptiv is a wonderful blend of oils that doTERRA has created, you can breathe it in, it’s safe to apply. Bergamot, this baby from Southern Italy, it has so much research behind it, which reduces the cortisol, that stress hormone. You can mix it with lotion, put it in a diffuser, everyone in the room gets to benefit.

Some really great adrenal supportive and healing herbs, and trace minerals in these two products:

Adrenevive by OrthoMolecular – herbal combination designed to build stress resilience and maintain healthy HPA axis function.

ADHS – by Biotics Research – Adaptogenic herbal formula designed to support normal cortisol levels.

So, before going for something stronger or getting yourself all wrapped up, let’s look at nature and safety, and what is really effective. So, consider essential oils and herbs to reduce the stress and put you in a state of bliss.